Day 26: The Best Doctor’s Appointment

I chose a bonus prompt for day 26 which was to describe the best doctor’s appointment. In my mind, the best doctor’s appointment is one in which everything is completely fine and you go home never having to think about whatever brought you to the office in the first place. Following my vision of the best doctor’s appointment, I would most likely forget to mention the appointment to my family because it was just that uneventful. Since the “best doctor’s appointment” is pretty obvious, I want to talk about what I would call a SUCCESSFUL doctor’s appointment.

A successful doctor’s appointment is one in which you leave feeling like nothing more needed to be said in order to make your point clear and to understand your physician’s opinion on whatever the two of you were speaking about. When you have a chronic illness like ulcerative and crohns disease, you generally have to see your doctor rather frequently. Therefore, it would be safe to assume that you have a decent relationship with that person. You presumably trust them and I would hope that he/she respects you enough to listen to your questions and concerns.

A successful doctor’s appointment with the doctor who you maintain a therapeutic relationship with is one in which you have all your questions answered, your options explained, you have been updated on your current health status, and you leave with a (tentative) plan in place. In my opinion, those things coupled with feeling like you are working as a team with your physician is what I would call a successful doctor’s appointment.

  • Jodi