Day 23: Cleaning Out My Fridge

I decided to have a little fun with today’s post so I chose the prompt that asks us to clean out our fridge or closet and talk about what it says about our personality. Since cleaning out my closet right now is not happening, let’s take a look at my fridge! As most of you know, I live with my parents so I am only going to be talking about the things that are in the refrigerator that are in there for me.

OKAY….hmm… on the top shelf I have a 2 liter bottle of diet caffeine free Pepsi which I am really in the mood for right now. And I have Gatorade and skim milk which I will have once in a blue moon. In the drawer, I have 3 unopened packets of string cheeses. On the middle shelf I have about 14 yogurts. They are ALL vanilla but a mix of Chobani/Greek yogurt and other light yogurts. OH! I found one red velvet cake fat free yogurt. I am really excited now actually. And on the door, I have some chocolate protein shakes that my mom had bought me a while ago when I wasn’t really eating very much. I suppose sometimes I use the cream cheese or margarine but that pretty much sums up my fridge.

My honest first thought after reading this: get this girl a therapist and some variety. In all seriousness, there are a lot of foods that I eat that don’t need to be refrigerated. I do eat very plainly because I am truly scared to death of getting a blockage or an obstruction in my intestines. I have gotten them far too often over the past 12 years and they have always landed me in the hospital and I just cannot take that chance now. I am not strong enough emotionally to go back there and I know that if I eat one thing that is “bad,” I will spend the next 24 hours freaking out about it. Ulcerative colitis is mostly all about food so ever since I was diagnosed at the age of 13, I have had to micromanage every single thing I put in my mouth. It is exhausting and aggravating to put it mildly. It has come to the point where I just want to stick with what I know is okay for me. I don’t want to take chances anymore. I have taken chances and I have seen where I ended up. I just can’t ever do it again and if that means only eating the things I mentioned and some other non-refrigerated items for the rest of my life than that is what I am willing to do.

So clearly, this little experiment I took part in for National Health Blog Post Month shows that I am not a risk taker in the least bit. I also seem to have this idea in my head that every other flavor of yogurt besides vanilla either has caffeine (ex, chocolate or coffee flavored) or will cause me to get a blockage (ex, fruit flavored). It is no secret that I have eating issues. I don’t see how you make it through what I have without having at least some issues with food in all honesty.

So that is pretty much it. I am the blandest eater ever. I don’t take risks. I eat basically the same thing every day. I have fully accepted that fact and am a lot happier when I do that. All of the food is back in my fridge now. And have a great day.

  • Jodi

    your food maybe bland, but you are anything but…. keep taking care of yourself. By the way, putting yourself out there and sharing your illness with people you don’t know is a HUGE RISK. So, you do take risks when it really counts. You go, girl!
    Love you.

    • rissy26

      I didn’t think of that : ) Thank you Jodi! love youu

  • val0525Va


    You are a risk taker no matter what you eat. This blog and the openness and strength that comes through the writing that you do is helping so many people and had to have been a huge risk for you to take.

    You are doing great work through your writing and I wantbyou to embrace that.

    You go, girl

  • Amanda Brooke

    Rissy, you’re so much braver than you’ll ever know.
    I love you.