Day 16: Use a Picture or Video to Inspire a Post

The prompt for day 16 of National Health Blog Post Month was to use a picture or video to inspire us to write a post. This picture here is something that I found a number of months ago that was really sticking out in my mind today. I had mentioned in a previous post how when I was at the local YMCA, there was a group of emotionally and physically disabled children there and how amazing their teachers seemed to be. They appeared so compassionate, warm, nurturing and patient. These amazing adults made these children feel safe as I saw a few of the kids holding on to them very tightly. As I was watching these interactions take place, this picture popped into my mind and I realized that I never had the chance to expand on it so I thought I would take the time do to that today.

The terms “pro life” and “pro choice” have been thrown around a lot with the recent election. I happen to be someone who does believe in a women’s right to choose. I may not make that decision for myself necessarily but I don’t believe anyone should impose their own views on someone else. This picture very accurately portrays the gist of why I am pro choice. I have always grown up with the mentality that it is better to have an abortion (within the first trimester) than to bring a child into the world that isn’t wanted. Now, I know someone who is pro life is going to come back at me with the whole “well there is always adoption if someone doesn’t want to keep the baby” stance and while I do respect that opinion and it is extremely valid, that is simply not how I look at things. Hypothetically, if I got pregnant and was unable to provide for the baby for whatever reason, I would not bring that child into this world. Plain and simple. There are many families who cannot have children and are looking to adopt. YES. However, there are also far too many children who don’t have homes looking for suitable parents to adopt them and give them a stable home life like they deserve.

When someone decides to have a baby, they need to be ready. They need to have the means necessary to deal with whatever is thrown their way. I am not saying that unless a person is extremely wealthy with access to the best schools and lives in a premiere neighborhood that they should be the only ones who should start a family. Not at all. What I am saying is that you and your partner need to be emotionally and financially strong enough to take care of that child. You need to be able to provide for him/her emotionally, financially, physically, etc. You need to be PRESENT in that child’s life. You need to be there for that baby and for that child as he/she grows up. You need to be prepared for unexpected challenges. Being a parent isn’t easy. As I was watching those children today, I realized how much their parents’ lives must have been altered by having a child with severe disabilities. I have always known the devastating toll me being chronically ill took on my parents but they were strong enough to handle it. And I can say with absolute certainty (since I am the only one who knows firsthand what my parents and I have had to endure together) that most families would not have been strong enough to get through what my family and I have. I honestly still don’t know how we are still standing sometimes but my parents are two of the strongest and closest people I know. I am so incredibly grateful that I have had two incredible parents throughout the course of my life. Their unwavering love and support is what allowed me to keep fighting everyday.

I absolutely love this picture because the term “pro life” does NOT stop after you give birth. You have to be able to give that life everything it needs. It is all well and good to say you are pro life but when you really think about it and what it means to bring another human being into the world and to have responsibility for another life, I think a lot of people might feel differently about what being “pro life” actually means.



  • Jodi

    What a great way to look at that. a very strong argument for pro choice. I agree with you. It makes total sense!