Day 14: Advice For Dealing With Negative Feedback

The prompt for day 14 of National Health Blog Post Month is to give some advice about what it is like to deal with negative feedback in our community. I honestly haven’t been writing long enough to really come across this but I do know others who have and the impact it has on them. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and share intimate things about yourself, your life, and your body it is a huge deal. I always looked at the people who were my voice prior to me being able to share my story on my own and I couldn’t imagine how much courage, strength and bravery it took to show that side of yourself to the world. I always looked up to those who were able to share so much of themselves with the public.

My friend Sara comes to mind when I think about this topic. I think almost everyone in the IBD community has heard of her. She does amazing videos on various IBD topics and has a wonderful, relatable blog. In addition, Sara has a facebook page where people can ask questions and be in a supportive environment. When she made one video in particular, she was met with extremely rude and cruel remarks. I haven’t seen every single one of her videos but this one I did watch and saw how much strength it took for her to share what she did. The fact that she was met with anything but love and support really sickened me. This is a girl who has done so much to raise awareness and educate others and she makes a video about things that were on her mind during that time and people just snapped at her. Nothing she said was offensive or an issue in anyway. It was simply her thoughts and feelings that pertained to a couple situations she was dealing with during that time.

I would love to be able to advise anyone who has come across negative feedback in their writing or videos to just brush it off but I honestly don’t think it is that simple. It sounds great in theory to not care what other people think and continue to do what is best for you. However, negative feedback on something you poured your heart and soul into is extremely difficult to just let go. I would also imagine that it stays with you for quite a while and influences future writing and videos. While I won’t sit here and tell everyone who has been met with an upsetting comment or remark to just let it go, I will advise anyone who comes across this to really think about where it is coming from. Maybe that person is jealous. Maybe that person (or people) has their own issues that was somehow triggered by what you wrote or talked about. Maybe there was some misplaced anger. While I cannot personally ever see myself giving anyone negative feedback about their work, I know there are many who don’t think like I do. I am not making excuses for it…I just think it is always good to ask yourself where the remarks are coming from.

And of course, if you are ever met with rude remarks or some type of negative feedback, don’t ever allow anyone to take away your voice. Your voice is your own. It is special. You share whatever is in your heart that you want the world to know. You continue to do everything you want without the influence of people who are probably just jealous or have nothing better to do with their time.

Never, ever, ever allow negative feedback in your community to make you lose your voice.