A little off tangent post : )

The prompt for day 11 of National Health Blog Post Month is to share our favorite non-health related thing that does likely improve our life. I thought I would use this opportunity to talk a little bit about my family. I have two wonderful parents who have been together since 2nd week of freshman year of college and a younger brother, Jeremy, who now lives in California. My family has been by my side 24/7 since the day I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at the age of 13. I was diagnosed two days before my brother’s 11th birthday. He was at sleep away camp and I went with my parents to go see him right after I got the startling news. I was on mega doses of prednisone and was feeling okay while I was there. I think we told Jeremy what happened while he was away and since none of us really knew what that diagnosis actually meant, we all just carried on as best we could while we were visiting Jer.

I was diagnosed on July 6th of 2000 and I remember that first summer so well. It seems like another lifetime ago but I still can picture certain things in my mind so vividly. I had been competitive swimmer since I was 7 years old and following my diagnosis, I was told I had to stop swimming. The members of my team and my friends’ parents knew what I was going through and also knew that I had been put on a ton of prednisone. I remember going to an away meet at Coveleigh Club Country Club in Rye, NY to support my teammates. I had on fairly tight white shorts and a tank top. As I was walking I remember hearing from one of the parents “wow she looks great. Hard to believe she is on steroids.” I just blew past it; having no real idea what it meant. Now, after seeing the devastating side effects of prednisone that did eventually plague me, I look back to that first summer and I understand things a little better. I have one picture of my basically off prednisone with all of the painfully obvious side effects that I will share with all of you as soon as I can find it.

I sat down to write today’s blog post for National Blog Post Month and I ended up writing this. The prompt for today was to share something not health related that likely improves our health. As I started talking about Jeremy and remembering that summer while he was away, I just felt like for some reason I needed to talk about it. I usually hate flashing back to those days early on in my journey but I guess my mind did need me to go there today.

Thank you for listening to my off tangent post!

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